WELCOME to the home of Heather Lloyd and Venus Black online. We’re so glad you stopped by! Here you can find out more about Venus and all the weird and wonderful people who make up her world—Leo, Inez, Piper, Tinker, Tessa, Danny. (And let’s not forget Raymond in the basement.) You can also find book group questions, contact information (talk to me!), and if you like, more about me and my world.

Speaking of worlds, it’s amazing how the story of a girl with a tangled past and an even more tangled heart can conjure up an entire world. How does that even happen? I think Venus would say her story was written in the stars long before someone named Heather wrote it down. Leo might say his was written in his peas.

For me, whether I’m writing or reading fiction, the way a novel creates a world seems nothing short of a miracle.

I’ll continue to add new material here, and soon I hope to get started on a blog. Enjoy! And I’d love to hear from you.